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Scalp Micropigmentation

When the permanent smp is recommended?

The permanent smp is the best solution for those people who desire a lasting solution. Unlike the temporary smp that needs retouches in average every 3-6 months, the permanent smp needs less frequent retouches.

When I need to retouch the permanent smp?

We recommend a first session of control after about 12 months from the initial sessions. Subsequently, touch up sessions will be necessary every 2-3 years on average.

What it happens after sometime to the permanent smp in the case in I decided to don’t retouch it?

The permanent smp doesn't last forever, after sometime it loses intensity as the temporary smp, the difference it is that the permanent needs more time in comparison to this last.

Can the points of the permanent smp widen after sometime?

Absolutely no, a smp "Micro Point Shadow" done in our studio by operators with professional formation, it won't suffer any type of change during the years.
The point can exclusively suffer a variation of dimension when the technique (both temporary and permanent) is done by inexperienced people in incorrect way. In these cases the widening of the points already occurs in the following days to the treatment.

Can the points of the permanent smp change color after sometime?

Our permanent smp "Micro Point Shadow" doesn't change his coloration after sometime. This phenomenon happens only if pigments of low quality are used or if a wrong technique is used,

What will it happen when my hair will become gray/white?

We never use the black pigment to do the permanent smp.
Our pigments perfectly suits the change of color of the hair.