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What is Men's Ink Scalp Micropigmentation?

The Men’s Ink SMP is a non surgical treatment that consists in the introduction into the scalp of hypoallergenic pigments through the use of specific instrumentations.
The SMP offers a concrete solution to the people affected by baldness, thinning and alopecia areata/universal. It allows to disguise the baldness with a natural trimmed effect or to give more density in the cases of thinning.
The SMP also works in synergy with the hair transplantation optimizing the result. It’s also the best solution to disguise hair ransplantation scars (STRIP/FUE).

Why choose the SMP?

The SMP is the only technique that offers immediate results without scars.
It is not a surgical treatment.
Thanks to SMP all the typologies of baldness can be treated, included the alopecies areate/universal.
You can freely choose the characteristics of your SMP, from the hairline, to the density, to get the result that you have always desired.
The SMP gives you from the possibility to freely live every moment of the day to practise every kind of sport without thoughts.

Why choose Men’s Ink Scalp Micropigmentation?

we are specialized in the realization of hyper realistic SMP and in the creation of extremely natural hair lines. Thanks to our experience we have developed the exclusive technique of SMP denominates “Micro Point Shadow”. With this technique we are able to create mico dots of the same dimension of the hair.

The Men's Ink SMP is safe?

All of our pigments are certified.
The use of sterile instrumentation and disposable needles, guarantees an elevated standard of hygiene and safety.

What kinds of SMP do you offer in your clinic?

We offer 2 kinds of SMP: temporary and permanent SMP