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A meaningful difference is the depth in which the pigment is deposited.
Other differences concern the specific instrumentation and the typology of pigments.
Before beginning the treatment, you will expose your preferences to the operator concerning the hairline and the level of density that you want to get, will be created an hairline of reference that can be modified up to the attainment of the result that more it satisfies you. Subsequently will begin the treatment of smp.
We advise to suspend the assumption of medicines (Minoxidill) at least 7 days before the appointment.
The duration depends on the ampleness of the area to treat, middly from 1 now to 4 hours.
the treatment is not painful.
There absolutely no problems to do the smp before a transplantation of hair.
We suggest to wait 6-8 months to do a smp after an hair transplantation.
Currently the smp is the most concrete solution for the problems of alopecia areata and universal.