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Scalp Micropigmentation

What is Men's Ink scalp micropigmentation?

The Men's Ink scalp micropigmentation, is a technique that allows you to replicate the natural look of the shaved hair in the areas of the scalp subject to baldness.
It is effective, even to give an effect of greater density in the case of thinning.

To who is the permanent scalp micropigmentation recommended?

To all those who want a long-term solution that does not require frequent reinforcement.
In fact, with the permanent scalp micropigmentation fades much more slowly than the temporary scalp micropigmentation.
With permanent scalp micropigmentation are not necessary reinforcements before 5-6 years, in some cases even beyond.

A safe scalp micropigmentation

Our pigments provide a natural result even with the passing of years, retain their definition and their color, as opposed to not dedicated pigments, which change colors to blue or green.

How does the scalp micropigmentation work?

Consists in the introduction of specific pigments into the scalp, through the use of a technical tool dedicated.
The instrument is equipped with a needle of dimensions purposely studied for this methodology, able to recreate in a natural way the effect of the shaved hair.
Our pigments are tested and specific.
They provide the utmost naturalness and stability of the result.
The use of sterile needles and equipment, ensure a high standard of hygiene and safety.

What can the scalp micropigmentation do?

Create a natural effect on the bald areas affected by alopecia.
Create an effect of greater density in thinned areas.
Hide transplant scars, FUE and strip.
Can be integrated with the hair transplantation to optimize the final result.

Shaved Effect

Shaved Effect

Density Effect

Shaved Effect


Shaved Effect

Why to choose Men’s Ink scalp micropigmentation?

The scalp micropigmentation is the only technique that provides immediate results.
The process of realization requires only 2 or 3 sessions to create a natural result.
Our treatments are performed in sterile environments, with specifically formulated pigments and safe for health.
You can choose freely the characteristics of your scalp micropigmentation, from the hairline to the density, to get the result that you always wanted...
You will have the chance to live freely at any time of the day, practicing all kinds of sports, such as swimming or football.

The change

Losing hair creates a condition of stress and anxiety, your relationships, your work, your social life can be affected by this situation.
With the scalp micropigmentation you can solve these problems.

The scalp micropigmentation is the right solution for me?

There are several possible solutions to those suffering from baldness: lotions, cosmetics, hair transplantation and prosthetic systems.
Many of our clients have tried these alternatives, being disappointed.
They are options that have several limitations in terms of personal freedom and aesthetic result.
The Hair pigmentation is a valid solution to the problem of baldness, ensuring personal freedom and a natural aesthetic result.