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Before beginning the treatment, you will tell the operator your preferences concerning the hairline and the level of density that you want to get.
A hairline of reference will be created, that can be modified up to the attainment of the result that more it satisfies you.
Subsequently it will begin the treatment of scalp micropigmentation.
At least 4 days before the session of tricopigmentazione the assumption of any topical medicine (ex. Minoxidil) must be interrupted.
The duration depends on the ampleness of the area to treat, middly from 1 now to 2 hours.
In some cases, after the session there is a slight redness that will disappear in 24 hours, we recommend you to bring a clean hat.
The specific formulation of the pigments guarantees a stable result in the time, excluding the possibility of an ugly widening of the dots.
We have an ample range of tonality to satisfy the demands of every client.
The pain is a subjective factor, usually there is only a feeling of slight discomfort during the session.
The scalp micropigmentation absolutely doesn't create damage to the hair, the action of the needle creates hyperemia, an inflow of blood to the surface.
It is not rare that this phenomenon goes to stimulate the regrowth.
There aren’t absolutely problems making the scalp micropigmentation before a hair transplant.
In case you want to perform the treatment after hair transplant, I suggest you wait 6 to 8 months.
The scalp micropigmentation is a concrete solution to the problems of alopecia areata and universal.
No, the treatment of Hair pigmentation does not require anesthetics.
Of course, we treat thinning problems in both, men and women.
One important difference is the depth in which the pigment is deposited, in the scalp micropigmentation is at a lower depth.
Other differences relate to the specific instrumentation and type of pigments, totally non-allergenic.