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Men's Ink

Men's Ink is a company specializing in scalp micropigmentation.
We have developed our own methods of scalp micropigmentation to provide concrete and natural results.
At the Men's Ink we offer the utmost attention to customers and their needs, our centers are designed to provide a comfortable environment with privacy.

Lo Studio

Why choose Men's Ink?

The naturalness of the result is our priority.
With our exclusive methodology of scalp micropigmentation and the use of our specific products, we are able to achieve a high level of realism.
We offer 2 types of scalp micropigmentation to meet the personal needs of each client: temporary and permanent.

Take advantage of our free consultation

The consultation is the first step towards your scalp micropigmentation.
We'll provide you all the necessary information and answers to your questions.
We'll help you plan your scalp micropigmentation treatment to suit your needs.